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Shopping for gifts at our exclusive online website or downloadable application also comes with hassle-free doorstep delivery options. So, explore our vivid collection of online indoor plants in India and spruce up the homes of those you care for dearly. Plants that do not flower but have stunning rock status foliage can be classified as foliage indoor plants for home. Foliage plants are tropical in nature and love indirect light and humidity. There are a wide variety of indoor plants online that have beautiful foliage and can be kept anywhere indoors if the light requirements are met.

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Are you on a hunt for indoor plants for living room to make your living room look more aesthetic? Most people now are learning how to maximize their space and are taking their plants up and into the air by hanging them. It is also important to avoid over misting your plants as humidity is a breeding ground for pests. Growing plants and taking care of them is the best way to improve mental health issues. Aglaonema, Rubber plant, Areca palm, Money plant, Peace lily are some of the best plants for cleaning indoor air pollutants. Monsteras are one of the most common house plants with its monster like huge leaves hence the name Monstera. The species name deliciosa is because of the delicious tasting edible fruits which have a pleasant aroma and a floral scent.

Pot’s & Plant’s Good Luck Jade Live Plant (small)

Place this plant in the Southeast direction and reap its benefits as per Feng Shui. Plants such as sansevieria, jade, money plant, anthurium, syngonium, lily, spider, dracaena, aloe juvenna, and cactus are some of the best indoor plants in India. They are known to boost mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity while reducing stress, fatigue, and indoor pollution. You can go for flower plants that can beautify your rooms decor while purifying the air.

At Root Bridges we want you to feel safe to buy indoor plants online. We also offer high quality bio-organic nutrients, pest prevention liquids, gardening tools, growth media, watering cans, and other accessories. Brighten up your home space with the best indoor plants that are of low maintenance. Small indoor plants are perfect for styling tiny spaces in your home; you can get even more creative, it also adds a touch of beauty and grace.

Which Plants Should we not Keep at Home?

However, air purifiers can only do much when supplied with electricity. With continuous use of air purifiers, comes a hefty electricity bill. What if the air purifier stops working, there would be additional repair charges. A bit heavy on pockets, they require a lot of maintenance. An extremely versatile indoor plant, Anthurium is known to absorb xylene and ammonia from the air. It’s actually a lily plant, and has unique veined flowers in a variety of colours. They’re quite a popular house plant because of how beautiful they look, and how easy they are to look after.

Best living room indoor plants – Lucky bamboo plant

Potted plants frequently leave soil flecks on plant supports and other surfaces. Water-based plant cultivation eliminates the requirement for routine maintenance cleanup of filthy soil. Place the container in a location with good indirect light. Stay away from areas of your house that are close to a heat source, such as a radiator, woodstove, heat pump, or fireplace. Setting these plants up in the most strategic of places can considerably lower the temperature of your living room. While trapping the hot air for their own natural processes, they make way for a cleaner, cooler air to fill up the room.