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Management & Technology Consulting

Mobbiz Solutions helps organizations across different countries to improve their performance. We primarily operate through the analysis of organizational problems which allows us identifying process inefficiencies, coming up with improvement plans and selecting the most suitable solution through a business case preparation procedure. Our methodology heavily relies on business process flows generation. We follow Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) standards to draw our client’s internal business procedures in a graphical and standard manner. Furthermore, the graphical notation facilitates the understanding of the different collaborations and business transactions between organizations. This analysis provides to our clients with a deep understanding of their internal operations and the interactions with other organizations, which enable them to quickly adjust to new internal and B2B circumstances. While designing or reengineering business processes for our clients we focus on delivering 2 different sets of KPIs:
  • Indicators needed by the organizations to evaluate their success at reaching targets.
  • Indicators to measure the efficiency of the operations while fostering the resources optimization.
Putting our focus on effectivity and efficiency gives our clients the right tools and procedures to achieve their targets while fostering a continuous improvement culture within the organization. In order to ensure “best practices” will be adopted and spread across the organizations Mobbiz Solutions offer a complete suite of services aside of process analysis: Organization change management, development of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development and operational improvement services.  

Software Development

Every software projects begins with a through assessment of the client’s business processes and requirements. Mobbiz Solutions will help the client decide what is the most suitable product based on their actual needs and the long-term strategy. We offer a wide range of solutions tailored to the needs of various types of client and industry:
  • Mobbiz Apps SaaS products
  • Low-Code Platform Development: Outsystems
  • Custom Software Development
  • ERP Implementation: Odoo, Openbravo, etc.
  • ERP Functional Design & Implementation Management: SAP, SAP B1, Oracle, etc.
  • Systems Integrations
  • E-Commerce Software & Support

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

Our BPO services allows our clients to be more flexible while focusing on the core competencies on their business. Key employees are herewith released from performing non-core or administrative processes to invest more time and energy in building the firm’s core businesses. Focusing the workforce on key drivers (sales, product development, etc.) is a key factor for a company to create a competitive edge. The BPO model we propose is based on Operations Excellence (OPEX) and high level automation. Below are the different steps we follow with our clients to successfully complete an outsourcing process:
  1. Statement of Work (SOW): Clear definition of what will be the activities and scope under each stakeholder’s responsibility.
  2. Service Level of Agreement (SLAs): Quality, quantity and turn-around standards are agreed with the client for each of the outsource processes.
  3. Knowledge Transfer (KT): Define and structure a training plan to ensure all knowledge is properly received from the client subject matter experts. We follow a multi-gate approach to minimize the impact of the KT in the client operations.
  4. Works Instructions (WIs): Each outsourced process is documented in order to provide reliable guidelines to Mobbiz Solutions team and also ensure a complete alignment with the client’s expectations. WIs will be audited (when provided by client) or produced during the KT process.

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