Teaching as a profession essay

Drug and alcohol addiction has long since blinded youth, deviated individuals from a healthy, progressive life and most of all led to a number of personal and social problems. Crucial concerns of modern society stem from a rise in antisocial activities and their hazardous consequences. Years spent as a student constitute the most impressionable of times wherein an individual garners essential knowledge, much-needed skill and life experiences while forming valuable relationships. Students can teach these illiterate people of their neighborhood, nearby localities and in the villages. They can start many awareness programmes in the country.

my contribution to society as a student essay

This very duty of process of learning brings knowledge and off course social and cultural, traditional touch amongst them. This very tradition and culture remain in their heart till they get older and become a sincere part of the nation and society. Student’s life gives a lot the children by virtue of taking part in co-curricular activities and many other activities. These very habits help children to inculcate patriotic touch amongst them.

Contribution of Law Students in the Legal Profession

You can also take part in Teacher Eligibility Test to get recruitment as Primary School Teachers in Government schools and Government aided primary schools. If the above-explained traits inspire you to become a teacher and you are thinking about how to proceed then read the guide below. The reason is deep-rooted and it goes straight to the lack of vision, experience, and smartness in choosing the right career. They are no more seen as the only keeper of information.

Initiating a Social Work drive to Contribute to Society

It also results in cyberbullying, which has a tremendous negative impact on everyone. Due of its user-friendly qualities, social media is a tool that is growing fairly popular these days. People are motivational story in bengali able to connect with one another across distances thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. In other words, social media has made the entire world accessible to us.

You may host events like birthday party or holiday celebration where you may ask guests to bring items to donate to your charity instead of presents. You may set up a donation box in your society to bring a small change in the world around you. You would have seen a number of people sitting by the roadside, begging for money and food. Little poor kids, who should be served a full nutritious diet, don’t even get food enough to satisfy their hunger.